The Bill


Washington was the 4th state to introduce the Healthy Workplace Bill


  • In the last legislative session - 2016 - two companion bills - SB 6532 and HB 2894 - were introduced.
  • Read the text of the bill as introduced on Jan. 25.
  • The 2016 session was very short, only 60 days, and we were not able to get the bill passed out of committee for a vote.
  • Going into this year - 2017 - we are going to double our efforts to get more sponsors and more voices rallying for passage of this important legislation to protect workers in WA state.

So far, the bill has been introduced in 32 states but not one state has passed it. Internationally, Australia, the UK and Canada have had laws in place protecting workers for many years.

You can learn more about the national campaign and find out what’s happening across the U.S.

Help us make WA state one of the first states to pass the bill. WA state has a history of being the first on many important social issues so let's continue that trend!

How you can help