Why We Need A Law

Cruelty at work should be illlegal. Employers should not have the right to stomp workers into the ground. The Healthy Workplace Bill is about human dignity at work. It's about the right to be let alone to do your job and earn a living — without being bullied or mistreated. The Healthy Workplace Bill fills a huge gap in the law.

Right now, it's perfectly legal for a boss or co-worker to treat you with severe cruelty and for the employer to escape responsibility for it. In fact, when employers are made aware of bullying situations, 60% of the time they either ignore the complaint or make the situation worse.

Many people mistakenly think that workers are protected by Title VII - The Civil Rights Act of 1964 - but that is not true. Even people who are legally protected under the law because they are members of a protected class (race, age, disability, gender, religion, national origin and so on) must be able to prove that the bullying or harassment was as a result of their protected class.  That is extremely difficult and it begs the question - why should it matter why someone is abusing you?  Shouldn't it just matter that they are? The system is not protecting workers from abuse and that needs to change.